Order Process and Packing

Order Process Guide and Packing Shipping Tips?

In this course, you will also be taught about the order process of Amazon Flipkart and Meesho, step by step, how to enter the correct dimensions so that our shipping cost can be reduced, and how to pack when you receive your order. And how you can buy the packing material of Amazon Flipkart at the lowest rate and re-using the packing material will also be taught in this course.

Pick-up Process and Issues

How to Pick-up process issues and solutions in detail?

 In this course, you will get to know what is the process of pick-up what proof we have that we give the product to the pick-up boy, and if no one is coming to pick it up, then how to get the pick-up done before it is cancelled or if nobody came to pick up the product, and our account health got degraded, or service score got low, and Pick-up boy lied that we didn’t give the product to him on our behalf or we were not available then how to keep our account healthy how to remove false reattempt mark.

Advertising Campaign

How Campaign? 

When many of us start a business, we run ads on our product to increase the product’s visibility to bring quick orders, run campaigns. spend money in advertising. Still, we didn’t get good results, so we get frustrated and close our business. But now, there is no need to close the business because, in this course, you will learn how to do advertising properly and run successful campaigns on Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho to bring more orders and increase the visibility of your product.

Product Photoshoot

How to learn product photography with DSLR and studio setup and if you don’t have DSL and studio setup, then how to learn from a smartphone without studio setup?

Product photoshoot is very important, and at the same time, it is very expensive, budget is not so much that hire professional, and Good images is very important to sell an online product. but in this course, you will be taught product photography if you have a DSLR and studio setup so how to shoot with it, and if you don’t have DSLR and studio setup, then how to do it with your smartphone without studio setup.

Image Editing

How To Edit Images Free For Amazon Flipkart And Meesho?

 After doing the product photoshoot, it is the turn of editing. If we get editing done outside, then there will be a charge of 25 to 30 rupees per image, which is too much at the beginning. For example, if the image total of all our products is 150, and the editing rate per image is Rs 30, then the total cost of 150 Images would be Rs 4500, which is too much for us initially. Still, You Don’t worry at all because, in this course, you will also be taught image editing; if you do not have a laptop or computer, then image editing will be taught from mobile for Amazon Flipkart and Meesho products.

Copy Others Seller Imaged

How To Download and use other seller Images on Amazon Flipkart and Meesho without copyright?

 If your product is already being sold online in the same color and design as you want to sell, you don’t need to do a product photoshoot. we will tell you in this course how you can download other seller’s images in high resolution and use them on Amazon, Flipkart, and meesho without any copyright.

Image Link

How To Create an Image Link That Work?

When we do bulk listing, we have to give image links instead of images in the sheet, but sometimes we have to face a lot of problems; there are many errors for image links while listing the product. In this course, you will be told that How can you create an image link for free which works on every website without facing any error.

Product Commission Calculator

How To Calculate Amazon Flipkart Commission?

 It is essential to calculate the product commisison correctly so that we do not suffer loss; in this course, you will be told how to calculate your outcome, how much commission Amazon Flipkart and Meesho charge, and how much settlement price you will get on sale.

Product Research

How To Find Best Selling Product?

Many of us bring new products, do not get good results, due to which we have to suffer huge losses. Still, now you do not worry because, in this course, You will be told in great detail how you can find the best selling products for Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho and how much stock to buy in the beginning.

Promotions and Offer

How to Opt-in for Amazon Flipkart Meesho Promotions and Offers to Increase Sales?

When we start a new business, then our seller account level is 0, due to which our product visibility is very low. We cannot spend much money on advertising because initially there is not much budget. Still, there are many other ways to get visibility for our products. In this course, you will be taught how to enroll in Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho promotions properly, and also, you will be told about promotions and offers in great detail so that you can quickly increase your sales.

Smart Fulfilment

How To Become Smart Seller On Flipkart?

 Most of us probably know what smart Fulfillment is: if you don’t know, let me tell vou that when vou become a seller on Flipkart, then you are a regular seller, the product’s visibility is also low and fewer orders arrive. But if we enroll in Smart Fulfillment, then our product gets the F-Assured tag, which will increase the visibility of our product and acquire more orders, In this course. You will be taught step by step how to become a smart seller, inwardly listing in smart Fulfillment, manage inventory of smart Fulfillment, and everything else about smart Fulfillment.

Product Rating

How We Can Increase Product Rating?

Suppose someone opens your product on Amazon Flipkart Meesho or any other website and checks the rating and review before buying the product. And Your product’s rating is terrible, not so good reviews. In that case, will the customer buy a product? Which does not have a good rating, even if your product is good. But if the rating and review of the product are not good, then the product will sell very hard and may not be sold, so a good rating is essential. In this course, you will be taught in great detail how you can get positive ratings and reviews on your product without spending any money.


 How to manage our seller account like order payment return SPF claim how to handle complete account?

Account management is an essential part of successful online selling. If we don’t manage the account, then we will suffer 100% because if you don’t know how many products you have given to amazon Flipkart and meesho and how many products you got back, or if payment for all these orders is received or not. So you are incurring a guaranteed loss. Hence, account management is a crucial part of successful online selling; in this course, you will be taught to manage the account in every detail and intuitive way to save the losses that you don’t even know.

Seller Claim

In return, we get wrong and damage or used product, which causes loss of a lot of money, so how to take their claim amount so that we can avoid the loss?

When you sell in the e-commerce industry, you get wrong damage and used product in return, which is very common, and it happens with everyone, but the thing is, how do we take the claim amount for all these losses? So that we do not have any unnecessary loss, you will be taught in every detail step by step how you can claim on such a product in this course.

Rejected Claim Solution

When we claim on wrong damage and used product, then most of our claims get rejected due to which we have to suffer huge loss How to avoid this loss?

All the sellers who are selling online everyone are facing this issue that 70% or 80% of our claims get rejected, due to which we are incurring huge losses, and this is a critical problem: in this E-commerce complete selling course, you will be taught in every detail step by step how you can get your rejected claims approved, And we will teach you how we get all our claims approved. and after doing this course, you can get your 95% claims approved quickly.

Return Management

How to manage the unstoppable return And loss?

It is imperative to manage the Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho return and loss if you do not want to close your business; in this course, you will be taught how to manage the return and its loss so that we can continue toget our hard-earned money.

Holiday and Working Time

How To Take Holidays and manage working time?

All the people who work. everyone has to take a holiday at some point, if they have to go somewhere, then how to take leave so that there is no penalty and the health of the account is also good. In this course, You will be taught how to take a vacation and manage your work time on Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho.

Product Latching Mapping

How To Do Mapping Latching In Another Seller Product?

 if the product you want to sell is already being sold on Amazon and Flipkart, same design, same color, then how to sell that product without listing and without copyright.

Brand Infringement Form

How to remove other sellers from your listing?

 when we sell on amazon Flipkart, other sellers do mapping latching in our listing, due to which our orders are reduced and the rating of the product also. In this course, you will be taught how to remove other sellers from your listing.


GST Return Filling

How to Download Monthly GST Return File of Amazon Flipkart and Meesho?

Many sellers do not download the GST return file correctly, and they do not know which file to download from Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho. That’s why they cannot take the profit of GST return. In this course, you will be taught how to download all GST report correctly.

Amazon FBA Registration

How to register on Amazon FBA?

 If we want to grow our business Faster We Can Send Our Product To Amazon Warehouse What’s Amazon Warehouse, And How To register on amazon FBA you will be taught in this course.


Seller Support

How to Contact Amazon Flipkart and Meesho Seller Support?

When we sell products on e- commerce, we have to face many problems, sometimes we have to get some vital information, or if there is a problem, we have to get it fixed, some changes have to be done, In the listing in the account or the bank. Detail address or anything, which team should we contact, how to get solution from seller support as soon as possible All this will be told to you in great detail in this course and Seller Support Dashboard will be explained Very Closely.

Our support for you

Will we get any support after doing the course if we face any problems or issues?

 If you encounter an issue, error, or problem after doing the course or there are any doubts, then you can take help from our online seller’s team without paying any amount, you can submit your query by visiting the contact page, or you can also WhatsApp us +918130758438 and Email us on this: onlineseller422@gmail.com.

And Much More further

What else will we get to learn in this course?

In this course, you will get to learn everything that has been mentioned above and many more things you will know in this E-commerce complete selling course: if you want to become a successful seller, then this course is gold for you.